HTML ☎️ Links for mail, phone, fax, skype and TeamSpeak

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Let's see how to create HTML links to email addresses, skype accounts, phone and fax numbers that, once clicked, offer the user to open them with the appropriate application.

These links are similar to classic HTML links, made with the tag <a href="#">Text</a>attribute, with the difference that the data transmitted in the href are composed of a prefix (mailto, tel, callto or fax) followed by the contact identifier (e-mail address, skype identifier, telephone number or fax number) separated by a colon (": ").

  HTML links to email addresses

Let's start with the most classic, the email address. The prefix to use is "mailto:" followed by the email address.

Link text

But it is possible to go much further by using the following parameters in the URL :

  • subject : Subject of the mail
  • cc: Recipients in carbon copy
  • bcc: Recipients in blind carbon copy
  • body: Corp du mail

Here is an example of their use:

Link text

  HTML links to phone numbers

For links pointing to a telephone number, the prefix to be used is "tel:" followed by the telephone number and its area code. In France, the prefix to use is +33. For other countries, here is the list of international phone codes. To add the code to a national telephone number (10 digits), simply replace the first zero ("0") with the appropriate international code. Links to phone numbers are very useful on smartphones.

Link text

  HTML links to fax numbers

The prefix to be used is "fax:" As with links to telephone numbers, the fax number used must begin with the international dialling code.

Link text

  HTML links to Skype accounts

The prefix to use when linking to a Skype Name is "callto:" These links launch Skype, the popular instant messaging and video calling software, on computers and mobile devices where it is installed.

Link text

  HTML links to TeamSpeak 3 servers

It is also possible to create links for the TeamSpeak 3 software with the information of the target server as parameters. By default, the link used must be composed of the server address and the port of the server. But it is possible to pass many more parameters in this URL, as shown below.

Link text

As with links pointing to email addresses, links pointing to a TeamSpeak server can contain settings. These settings are as follows:

  • port: Number of the port to be used to connect to the server.
  • nickname: Name to use and display
  • password: Password
  • channel: Channel name (chat room)
  • cid: Specify the channel with an ID
  • channelpassword: Channel password
  • token: Connection key
  • addbookmark: Name to give for the server in the teamspeak client favorites

These additional parameters are used as follows.

Link text

Note that if you use the "cid" parameter in the server URL, then the "channel" parameter can be ignored.

Julien MA Jacob
Developer WordPress
Julien MA Jacob - Developer WordPress
Passionate about the web and programming with always a lot of projects in mind
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Thank you for a good and interesting article.
A link " tel: " is not necessarily followed by the international number (+33XXXXXXXXXXXXX) but if it is of the form 0XXXXXXXXXXX, the call from a smartphone will only work in France.
Also note that for the look and feel, you can display the number with spaces: XX XXXX XX XX XX XX XX XX

Manon BIlodeau

do you have a link that opens to text the person?

Aina Herifitia

Thanks for sharing, it's a great article.

Mishel Tanvir Habib

The " href= "fax: " is now obsolete. Actually its obsolete a long time ago, in 2004. Please see this SO question for details