WordPress: The plugins

They plugins are at the heart of the WordPress ecosystem. They allow to extend the functionalities of a site and to adapt it to its needs. Here, we will look at some of these many plugins features and the functionality they offer, as well as the plugins essentials on a WordPress site.

The plugins free and safe ones are available in the catalogue of plugins the site wp.org. It should be noted that if they plugins are all free, they can be integration systems for third-party services for which a fee is charged or free within a certain limit (freemium). There are more than 50,000 plugins today, only on the official catalogue.

The plugins to know

Theplugin WordPress : Redirection

It is common to have to change the URLs of your pages and articles, or to simply redirect certain URLs to others. This plugin is one of my great essentials, from a practical and SEO point of view!

It will track your URL changes to redirect them automatically, but it also allows you to create your own custom redirections.

Theplugin WordPress: Intuitive custom post order

By default, posts and other items are displayed according to when they were published in WordPress. This plugin allows you to re-order our sample posts from the back office.

plugin WordPress: Simple Taxonomy Ordering

By default, categories and other taxonomies such as labels are ordered alphabetically. This plugin allows you to reorder them.

Theplugin WordPress: Duplicate Post

Theplugin WordPress: Table of content +

Traffic analysis and SEO optimization plugins services

A good SEO also requires a good optimization of the speed of the site and the weight of the images.

plugin WordPress:plugin YOAST SEO

Essential for a good acquisition of traffic from search engines and especially Google.plugin YOAST allows to work on SEO. It allows you to define the data used by search engines such as the title, the summary or even the highlighted image for a URL.

Theplugin WordPress : Google site kit

For tracking the traffic of a site, the tool that refers is clearly Google analytics. This service is free. To take advantage of it, you must register and create a first project. Once done, add theplugin site kit to activate the Google analytics tracking of your site's traffic.

This plugin also allows quick access to the latest statistics from a dedicated page in your WordPress backoffice, but also from an activatable widget accessible on the WordPress dashboard.

It is also possible, and advisable, to add a connection from your site to Google Search Console, another Google service for web masters and developers. This tool allows you to track the indexing errors of your site by Google as well as to give you statistics on your positioning on the search engine.

Finally, this plugin gives the possibility to link your site to the Google AdSense service.

Backup and migration

Theplugin WordPress : WP Rollback

Theplugin WordPress : WP Downgrade

plugin WordPress : All in one migration

This plugin has the big advantage of creating a backup of a site in 1 single file and to propose a system of import formidably simple.

Theplugin WordPress : WP Migrate DB

Exporting the database is a recurring need when you have a WordPress site. Although it is always possible to export it from the tools provided by your web host, this plugin allows you to simply download the database from your back office.

But the strong point of this plugin one is to allow an export of its base by applying replacements to it.

Theplugin WordPress: UpdraftPlus

This plugin meets the needs of large sites such as pre-programmed backups and backups on third party hosting (cloud, other FTP, ...), or a backup with advanced rules for its files or database.

Page builder

Theplugin WordPress : Elementor

plugin WordPress: Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg

plugins caching and optimization

Theplugin WordPress: Imagify

Images are an essential component of a website. With WordPress, it's easy to upload them to your site without worrying about their size and how long it will take users to load them. Imagify offers an indispensable solution to manage this. One of the first interesting options offered by this plugin is the possibility to define a maximum size for the images. If a larger image is uploaded, then it will automatically be reduced to the maximum size you specify. Please note that you have the possibility to keep a copy of the original version of your images.

Finally, the main feature of this plugin is to optimize the size of your images. And the gains can be impressive. 30% optimization on images without quality loss or 80% optimization with minimal quality loss are classic with this plugin.

This image optimization work is done via an API, so you will need to create an account here and link your api key to your site.

Theplugin WordPress : Wprocket

WP Rocket is a plugin fully premium. It is by far the best WordPress caching solution.

Theplugin WordPress : Cache Enabler

Multilingual and translation

Theplugin WordPress : Weglot Translate

Weglot is one plugin that allows you to make a multilingual site. It intercepts all the textual elements of a site to propose a translated version. In a first step, Weglot will propose an automatically translated version of your site. This is why setting up a multilingual site that has already been translated only takes a few minutes with this solution.

In this article, I detail how it works and explain how to set it up and use it:
WordPress and Weglot 🌎 A multilingual site in 2 minutes?

Theplugin WordPress : Loco translate

If the original language of your site is not English, it is possible that certain texts are not translated into your language, or that these texts are not translated as you wish. To overcome this, you can use theplugin loco translate. To ensure the translation of the themes and plugins, WordPress offers a file-based translation system that contains the origina text (in English), its localization (file and line in the code) as well as its translated version. Loco translate will allow you to edit these translations.

Contact Form

plugin WordPress : Contact form 7


Theplugin WordPress : Mailpoet


Theplugin WordPress: wpDiscuz

WordPress already offers a commenting system by default. Here, I propose one plugin that will allow you to improve the default comment system.

plugin WordPress: Disable Comments

If on the contrary you do not wish to use a comment system on your site, you can simply deactivate them with this plugin. Note that it is possible, by default with WordPress, to disable comments on a particular post or item.

Les plugin pour le développement

Theplugin WordPress : Code snipets

Theplugin WordPress : Query monitor

plugin WordPress: File Manager advanced

ACF - Advance custom fields


Theplugin WordPress : Woocommerce


plugin WordPress: Really Simple SSL

SSL is the essential security protocol today to secure the connection between your site and your users. It is recognized by "HTTPS" in front of URLs.

If everything is well configured with your site, you should have it without needingplugin WordPress on top of it. But if you are having trouble with your site's SSL, then this plugin can help. It can resolve most of the conflicts that can prevent SSL from working properly.

Theplugin WordPress : BBQ - Block Bad Queries

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