WordPress 🎁 Enable shortcodes in widgets

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Need to use shortcodes in WordPress theme widgets? I propose here 2 solutions to do this. The first consists of 2 lines of code to add to the.php function file of your site's theme, the second is a plugin.

Enable shortcodes in widgets with the file functions.php

To enable shortcodes in WordPress widgets, you must add these lines of code in the file functions.php of the activated theme.

// Enable shortcodes in widget text 
add_filter ('widget_text','shortcode_unautop');
add_filter ('widget_text','do_shortcode');

It is important that these lines are added in this order. The function shortcode_unautop() (codex) ensures that shortcodes are not surrounded by tags <p>...</p>. As for the function do_shortcode() (codex), it allows you to operate the shortcodes.

Enable shortcodes in widgets using a plugin

It is also possible to use a pluginShortcode Widget to make shortcodes usable in widgets.

Julien MA Jacob
WordPress Developer
Julien MA JACOB - WordPress Developer
Passionate about the web and programming with always many projects in mind
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Small addition: since WordPress 4.9, shortcodes are automatically interpreted in the text widget (finally!).