​​💂 English course : List of irregular verbs

Find a complete list of irregular verbs in English, perfect for courses of 3ème High school and high school.

In a majority of cases, in English, verbs conjugate to the past by adding "ed", that is what is called regular verbs. However, some verbs do not obey its rules, they are irregular verbs. We must learn and know them if we want to express ourselves on past actions.

The list of irregular verbs gives for each verb, its infinitetif (base verbal), its preterior (single paste, most often used when talking to the past), its past participation (serving to the present perfect and past perfect) and a translation.

English: List of irregular verbs

English: What's the infinity?

Infinitely, which is also called the base verbal, is unconjugate verb. The verbal base is written with "to" in front of the verb (example: "to go", go), except for verb modaux (can, could, may, might, should, shall, might, may, will, would et must).

English: What's the preterior?

The Preface, also called simple past, is the time that is used in English when we speak of a action that has taken place in the past and that is over. This is the most often used time when we speak to the past in English.

In the case of regular verbs, which represent the majority of the verbs, the preterior obtains by adding "ed" at the end of the verb (example: "to play" to the code is combined "I played" Preterior). However, verbs irregularities do not follow this conjugation rule. That's why you need to learn them so you can use them.

English: What's the part?

In English, past participation allows to form the present perfect (example: "I have loved") and the past perfect (example: "I had loved"). It is two times of the past are said to be composed, that is, they formed two parts.

English: More information about irregular verbs

If you would like to know more about irregular verbs in English, I invite you to consult this page WikiPedia which deals with more details. Especially on groups (strong verbs, weak verbs and abnormal cases), coincidences of forms or even prefixed forms.

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List of irregular verbs in English, perfect for 3rd high school and high school courses.

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