👑​​ Majuscules with accents to copy/paste

Capital articles with accents to copy/paste by @wpr0ck
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Capital articles with accents to copy/paste by @wpr0ck
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Capital articles with accents to copy/paste by @wpr0ck
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Find the list of accented capital letters simple to copy/paste in your Word documents or in your emails. Each accented capital is given with the associated keyboard shortcut.

The capitals with more used accents are: À - É - È - Ê
With the capital C cedilla: Ç

Majuscules accented: Keyboard shortcuts

To perform the keyboard shortcut, you must:

  • Hold the key alt Press and type the 4 digit ASCII code
  • Then release the key alt
  • And finally tap the key ENTRER
Letter Code ASCII Keyboard Shortcut
+ 0194
À 0192
+ 0192
Ä 0196
+ 0196
Å 0197
+ 0197
à 0195
+ 0195
Ç 0199
+ 0199
É 0201
+ 0201
È 0200
+ 0200
Ê 0202
+ 0202
Ë 0203
+ 0203
Î 0206
+ 0206
Ï 0207
+ 0207
Ô 0212
+ 0212
Ö 0214
+ 0214
Õ 0213
+ 0213
Û 0219
+ 0219
Ü 0220
+ 0220
Ù 0217
+ 0217
Ú 0218
+ 0218

Other capital letters:

LetterCode ASCIIKeyboard Shortcut
Æ 0198
+ 0198
Ç 0199
+ 0199

Majuscules accented: The spelling rule

Should we accentuate the capitals? Here is a common question in spelling. The accentuation allows the readability of the writing and eliminates any ambiguity. It is therefore necessary for the understanding and clarity of a text. Thus the French Academy recommends the accentuation of capitals, to facilitate pronunciation, and forget it would be considered a spelling error. If you would like to know more about the use of capital letters in the French language, you can consult the Wikipedia page on the topic which is very complete.

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Capital articles with accents to copy/paste by @wpr0ck

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