Emoji/Smiley 🦱 Curly hair to copy/paste

The Emoji 🦱 Show Curly hair. It is ranked among the emojis as . His shortcode representation is :curly_haired:.

Emoji : 🦱
Code : U+1F9B1,
Shortode : :curly_haired:

Once you click on the button above, you can paste the emoji wherever you want using the keys CTRL + V or right-click and select “Paste”.

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Emoji 🦱 Cheveux bouclés à copier/coller


Emoji 🦱 Cheveux bouclés à copier/coller


Emoji 🦱 Cheveux bouclés à copier/coller


Emoji 🦱 Cheveux bouclés à copier/coller


Emoji 🦱 Cheveux bouclés à copier/coller


Emoji 🦱 Cheveux bouclés à copier/coller

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Several heads, but with different hair colors, assert your hair color with our following emoticons.

🦰🦰 Red hair🦱🦱 Curly hair🦳🦳 White hair🦲🦲 Hairless, bald, hairless

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