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Emojis Costumed Faces / Disguises

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This list of emoticons includes costumed faces, a special halloween list!

All emojis / smiley faces of the category

💩💩 Smiling pile of poop🤡🤡 Clown face👹👹 Ogre👺👺 Goblin👻👻 Ghost👽👽 Alien / Extraterrestrial👾👾 Extraterrestrial Monster / Video Games🤖🤖 Robot

All emojis / smiley faces in the parent category #

😀😀 Smiling and happy face😃😃 Smiling and happy face with big eyes😄😄 Happy smiling face with smiling eyes😁😁 Happy and radiant face with smiling eyes😆😆 Smiley face that squints / XD / >.< 😅😅 A smiling and sweaty face🤣🤣 Rolling on the floor laughing / PTDR😂😂 Laughter and tears of joy / MDR🙂🙂 Slightly smiling face🙃🙃 Face upside down / Upside down😉😉 Smiley wink face😊😊 Smiling face with smiling eyes😇😇 Smiling angel face with a halo🥰🥰 A smiling face with hearts / Lovers😍😍 Smiling face with eyes in heart🤩🤩 Smiling face with star eyes😘😘 Kissing Face / Kiss / Kiss / Heart😗😗 Kissing face Smiling face / content😚😚 Face that blushes and kisses / Kissing / Kissing😙😙 Kissing Face / Kissing / Kissing😋😋 Face savouring food / Yummy😛😛 Face sticking out its tongue😜😜 Wink of an eye with a wink of the tongue🤪🤪 Crazy face😝😝 Face that squints with the tongue🤑🤑 The Money Mouth🤗🤗 Embracing face🤭🤭 Face with hand over mouth🤫🤫 Falling face🤔🤔 Thinking face🤐🤐 Face to mouth zipper / Hush / Silence🤨🤨 Face with raised eyebrow😐😐 Neutral face😑😑 Face without expression😶😶 Mouthless face😏😏 Smiling face😒😒 Face bored / not amused🙄🙄 Face with rolling eyes😬😬 Grimacing face🤥🤥 Liar / Face with nose lengthening😌😌 Relieved face😔😔 Pensive face😪😪 Sleeping face🤤🤤 Drooling face😴😴 Sleeping face / Sleeping / Sleeping😷😷 Face with medical mask / Sick🤒🤒 Face with thermometer / Sick🤕🤕 Face with headband / Sick🤢🤢 Nauseated / Sick face🤮🤮 Puking face / Sick🤧🤧 Sneezing face / Sick🥵🥵 Hot face🥶🥶 Cold / Frozen face🥴🥴 Giddy face😵😵 Giddy face🤯🤯 Exploding head🤠🤠 Cowboy hat face🥳🥳 Festive face / Content / Party / Birthday😎😎 Smiling face with sunglasses🤓🤓 Nerd / Geek face🧐🧐 Face with monocle😕😕 Confused face😟😟 Worried face🙁🙁 Slightly scowling face Sullen / Sad / Disagreeing face😮😮 Face with open mouth😯😯 The muffled face😲😲 Astonished face😳😳 Red face🥺🥺 Begging face😦😦 Frowning face with open mouth😧😧 Anxious face😨😨 Scared face😰😰 Anxious / Crying face😥😥 Sad but relieved face😢😢 Sad crying face😭😭 Sad face crying loudly😱😱 Face that screams in fear😖😖 Confused face😣😣 Persevering face😞😞 Disappointed face / Disappointment😓😓 Face down / Sweaty😩😩 Tired face😫😫 Exhausted face / Tired / Sleepy😤😤 Face blowing nose / Angry😡😡 Sullen face😠😠 Angry face🤬🤬 Insulting face / Big words / symbols on the mouth😈😈 Smiling devil face / horns👿👿 Angry devil face / horns💀💀 Skull / Skull Skull / Skull / Pirate / Crossbones💩💩 Smiling pile of poop🤡🤡 Clown face👹👹 Ogre👺👺 Goblin👻👻 Ghost👽👽 Alien / Extraterrestrial👾👾 Extraterrestrial Monster / Video Games🤖🤖 Robot😺😺 Smiling cat😸😸 Smiling cat with happy eyes😹😹 Cat: Laughter and tears of joy / MDR😻😻 A smiling cat with eyes of heart😼😼 A cat with an ironic smile😽😽 Kissing Cat / Kissing / Kissing🙀🙀 Cat screaming in fear😿😿 Crying cat😾😾 Sullen / Angry Cat / Angry🙈🙈 Wisdom monkey that can't see🙉🙉 Wisdom monkey that doesn't hear🙊🙊 Wisdom monkey that doesn't speak💋💋 Kiss mark / Kiss / Lipstick💌💌 Love letter / Envelope with a heart💘💘 Heart with arrow💝💝 Heart with ribbon / Gift💖💖 Heart with sparkling stars💗💗 A growing heart💓💓 Beating heart💞💞 Hearts that turn💕💕 Two hearts💟💟 Heart decoration Exclamation of the heart💔💔 Broken heart Red Heart🧡🧡 Orange heart💛💛 Yellow Heart💚💚 Green Heart💙💙 Blue Heart💜💜 Purple heart🖤🖤 Black Heart💯💯 Hundred points / 100💢💢 Symbol of Anger / Angry💥💥 Collision / Explosion💫💫 Shooting Star / Dizzy💦💦 Water / sweat droplets💨💨 As we dash out🕳🕳 Hole💣💣 Bomb💬💬 Dialogue bubble with suspension points / BD👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️ The eye in the speech bubble / Dialogue🗨🗨 Black dialogue bubble / comic book🗯🗯 Angry Dialogue Bubble / Comic💭💭 Bubble of dialogue in thought / Comics💤💤 Zzz, sleepy, sleepy

All emojis in the category 😍 Emotions, states and feelings

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