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The emoji 馃懟 watch Ghost. It's in the emojis category. 馃槏 Emotions, states and feelings. Its shortcode is :ghost:.

Code : U+1F47B,
Shortcode : :ghost:

Emoji visuals by platform


Emoji 馃懟 Fant么me 脿 copier/coller


Emoji 馃懟 Fant么me 脿 copier/coller


Emoji 馃懟 Fant么me 脿 copier/coller


Emoji 馃懟 Fant么me 脿 copier/coller


Emoji 馃懟 Fant么me 脿 copier/coller


Emoji 馃懟 Fant么me 脿 copier/coller

Emojis in relation

馃懡馃懡 Alien / Extraterrestrial馃懢馃懢 Extraterrestrial Monster / Video Games馃馃 Robot馃懝馃懝 Ogre馃懞馃懞 Goblin馃懟馃懟 Ghost馃挬馃挬 Smiling pile of poop馃ぁ馃ぁ Clown face

All emojis in the category Costumed faces / Disguises

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All emojis in the category 馃槏 Emotions, states and feelings

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