Emoji/Smiley Yin yang Copy/paste

The Emoji is an ancient symbol, representing the balance between two opposing forces of Yin and Yang. It is often used to represent different aspects of life, such as balance, harmony, peace and duality. The Emoji ☯ can be used creatively to express feelings, thoughts or simply a reminder to stay balanced. You can also use it to create visually stunning illustrations, improve digital media, or add some fun to your website or blog. Its category is Symbols, panels and colours.

Emoji :
Code : U+262F,
Shortode :

Once you click on the button above, you can paste the emoji wherever you want using the keys CTRL + V or right-click and select the "Coller" option.

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Emoji ☯ Yin yang à copier/coller


Emoji ☯ Yin yang à copier/coller


Emoji ☯ Yin yang à copier/coller


Emoji ☯ Yin yang à copier/coller


Emoji ☯ Yin yang à copier/coller


Emoji ☯ Yin yang à copier/coller

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Discover this selection of symbols, signs and panels encompassing different emoticons allowing you to communicate in a simple, fast and fun way and let your inner child free to express with these fun emojis. Using these emoticons is simple, just copy and paste them and then the turn is played.

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